Pets go green

Unique campaign for food producers
Adentity introduces Tetra Recart, the sustainable and renewable packaging alternative for canned food, to the petcare industry.

Adentity was set the task of creating a new communication strategy and concept to introduce Tetra Recart’s innovative carton packaging into the petcare industry. Together with Tetra Pak, we developed the concept “Let your pet join your cause”. The campaign, which is based on the interaction between pet owners and their pets and with a clear focus on nature and sustainability, was presented at different international fairs and some of the world’s largest petcare exhibitions.

We began by arranging a photoshoot with our furry friends. Using these concept photos, we created an integrated campaign, which included fair booth design, rollups and a wide range of promotional items, all aimed at raising awareness of Tetra Recart’s renewable packaging system among both pet owners and manufacturers.


Booth panels
For different international fairs we designed the booth panels, featuring our stunning concept image.

Concept brochure
The brochure explains the benefits of renewable packaging and why the petcare industry should build their brand value with Tetra Recart.

Packaging design
Promo packaging designed for the petcare industry was developed and printed in four different Tetra Recart packaging sizes.

Secondary packaging
We also designed a second packaging wraparound, to show what Tetra Recart offers.

We held a photo shoot with our furry friends, which resulted in amazing concept images.

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