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The company of the year

What does it take to become “The company of the year” in Malmö? Of course, having a flourishing business, but also perhaps being a client of ours…For the second time in 3 years one of our clients have received the finest business award at Malmö Business Gala.

The award goes to a company in Malmö, who for a couple of years, through their way of running and developing the company, serves as a role model for business in the city. Anyone in Malmö can nominate their favourite company and the winners are selected by a jury of former award winners, representatives from the city and other players in the business community.


The award winners

Two years ago, in 2018, the award went to our client Bona, which we have worked together throughout three brand platforms, an environmental platform and countless of successful campaigns. The win was based on the family-owned company’s focus on innovation, sustainability and the environment, combined with promoting diversity and CSR. A focus that runs through all the branding and marketing material developed during the years.

This year another family-owned business was awarded “The company of the year”. Larsa Foods, whom we developed a brand platform and packaging design concept for, are Sweden’s leading independent food wholesaler with a specialty in importing exotic foods from the Mediterranean and Middle East. In the re-design, the packaging was given a unique, graphical pattern where Scandinavia meets a taste of the orient.


Strong branding

With the launch of a new design, the range gained attention and increased in sales. The motivation for the award was based on Larsa Foods inspiring journey as a local player with a global perspective that has made an impressive growth over the years.

Building strong brands and developing strong concepts is done through a long-term and consistent work. Being true to its brand and heritage is crucial when developing a company and keeping to the brand essence is one key to success. A clear vision of what you want and having all the right tools to achieve it creates a solid base for great marketing communication.

Congratulations to Husam Meizar, the CEO and founder of Larsa Foods and his employees for the award and being a true role model as a company.

Adentity highlights from Packaging of the World:

Rebranding of Larsa Foods product packaging highlighted,

New design of Larsa Food’s “Strawberry Ayran” in focus

Refreshed look of Larsa Food’s “Natural yogurt” presented

Welcome to a morning of Brandfullness
– A strategic roadmap for your brand


Building strong brands and develop strong concepts is done through a long-term and consistent work, where quality is more important than quantity. Investing time to think and work through your brand will let you meet the competition long before it meets you.

Even in the smallest social media post your brand is communicated – in the message, the video, the hashtag, the concept. To be tactical and cease new opportunities can only be done if you know what you want with your brand and have a solid base for your marketing communication. We want to take you on a brand journey with tips on how to create a stronger brand communication.

To see the common thread through the marketing communication – that is mindfulness for marketing and communications people or what we call Brandfullness.

We will share tips, models, case examples and insights from our work with creating communication platforms and integrated campaigns for international clients and brands.

Be there, get inspired and start your day off with Brandfullness. Welcome.

Where: Quality Hotel The Mill, Amiralsgatan 19, 21155 Malmö
When: 07:00 – 08:30, February 7

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Celebrating 10 years of supporting the Children’s Home in Kenya

Now the annual calendar for Phyllis Memorial Children’s Home and Academy is finished and shipped off to their Swedish support organisation Kampi Ya Motos Barn, hopefully creating a rush to the store. The calendar is sold for the benefit of raising money for the Children’s Home in Kenya.

This year we are celebrating our 10th year of supporting the Children’s Home in Kenya. The work with the calendar is part of our CSR work where we design and print the annual calendar as well as all Kampi Ya Moto’s marketing material pro bono. All the revenue from the calendrers goes directly to the children’s home. Read more about our work here

The Phyllis Memorial Children’s home is based in Kenya, in the village of Kampi Ya Moto, which is Swahili for “The village in the Sun”. They care for 59 orphan children, in ages ranging from pre-school up to high school, with different backgrounds. Some have been living on the streets, others with relatives, but all of them have had a very tough start in life. As well as providing a loving home, Phyllis Memorial also provides education for both its own pupils and children from the local villages.

When Ruth, the manager of the Children’s home aka the children’s “aunt”, visited Sweden, and Malmö, for the first time, she and her colleagues from Kampi Ya Motos Barn stopped by our office to give us an insight into the daily life of the children and how the home has developed over the years which we are truly grateful of the opportunity to contribute to contribute to this.

For more information about Kampi ya Motos Barn and how you can support Phyllis Memorial Children’s Home and Academy, visit

We are happy to make a difference – From Malmö to Kenya!

Copenhagen inspires with colours

A visit to Copenhagen, Denmark can surely be an inspiring and eye-opening experience. The city is filled with colourful buildings, a fabulous food scene, culture and laid-back atmosphere. The Adentity team decided to take the 30 min train over to the neighbouring country for an inspiring day to kick-off work after the summer holidays. Ready for a whistle-stop tour of the city’s best bits handpicked by Adentity? Let’s go!

A good start of the day

Our first tip is for the early birds. About 10 min stroll from Copenhagen H, through the heart of the city, you find the coffee bar Kompa’ 9, located on Strædet. There we started off with some of their organic coffee and a proper Danish breakfast in a cosy surrounding.


A colourful museum visit

With filled stomachs and energy, we continued to Copenhagen’s waterfront to the Danish Architecture Center (DAC). The exhibitions at DAC showcase architectural wonders, international trends and design history. We went to see the exhibition of the world-renowned Danish architects BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group on an architectural journey across time from Big Bang to Singularity. A truly inspiring and colourful exhibition showingBIG’s borderless creativity and how they give form to our future.

Don’t forget to visit the DAC Café, where you are able to experience Copenhagen’s vibrant city life from high above at the large rooftop terraces. To one side, you have spectacular views of the vibrant waterfront, and to the other, the Copenhagen Cultural District. We decided for a cold beverage on their comfortable sunbeds before we continued our day.


Doing lunch

After a walk from DAC we arrived for some lunch at the meat packing district Kødbyen, a creative cluster with a broad range of high-quality restaurants. We decided to try out the hip brewpub WarPigs – an experience out of the ordinary. Besides from offering freshly made American-Danish style craft beer, WarPigs also serves authentic Texas barbecue.


Street art tour

Next up on the agenda was a street art tour in the districts of Vesterbro. Although graffiti is omnipresent in Copenhagen, street art is something entirely different. The street art in Copenhagen usually covers an entire side of a building in an artistic manner and adds significant value to the neighbourhood. We went to see some iconic pieces, one just by our lunch place, then we continued to one at Oehlenschlægersgade, Sankelmarksgade and lastly Saxogade.


Afternoon adventures

A bus ride later we arrived at our final destination, Reffen. An urban playground for co-creation, innovation, food and creativity – and last but not least – the largest street food market in the Nordics. The Adentity team tried some interesting food and enjoyed the beautiful surrounding before heading back to Malmö, filled with inspiration, feeling refreshed and ready to start off new exciting projects.


On a tandem to Kiruna

Two young guys from Malmö will opt out of sitting at home this summer. Instead they will take to their tandem and go on a cycling adventure to show how beautiful Sweden is and to inspire others to skip the car and take the bike instead. The2roadtrippers will embark on a challenge to cycle 1800 km in 3 weeks to show that a sustainable way of experiencing our planet is possible.

Adentity supported The2roadtrippers with a newly designed logo and we wish them the best of luck on their adventure!

A natural atmosphere

As part of a creative concept we created for the latest product launch of one of our clients, we organised a photoshoot. The aim was to create a natural atmosphere that would highlight the natural beauty of wood floors. Although we came prepared with plenty of lighting equipment, mother nature provided the ideal light source as the spring daylight flooded in through the windows of our location. We couldn’t have asked for a better result. Many thanks to our fantastic team for a great shoot!

Photoshoots for a new brand platform

Let’s go behind the scene to see the action at one of our photoshoots for a new brand platform. As part of the new platform, we organised a series of photoshoots based on our concept, to communicate the brand essence visually. Many thanks to the team for their fantastic creative work!

Make a difference – From Malmö to Kenya

We finally had the chance to meet some of the wonderful people behind the Phyllis Memorial Children’s Home and Academy and their Swedish support organisation Kampi Ya Motos Barn. Phyllis Memorial Children’s home is based in Kenya, in the village of Kampi Ya Moto, which is Swahili for “The village in the Sun”. When Ruth, the manager of the Children’s home, visited Sweden, and Malmö, for the first time, she and her colleagues from Kampi Ya Motos Barn stopped by our office.

Phyllis Memorial cares for 60 orphan children, in ages ranging from pre-school up to high school, with different backgrounds. Some have been living on the streets, others with relatives, but all of them have had a very tough start in life. As well as providing a loving home, Phyllis Memorial also provides education for both its own pupils and children from the local villages.

Over the past 9 years, Adentity has supported Kampi Ya Motos Barn with the design and print of their annual calendar, which is then sold. All the revenue from calendar sales goes directly to the Phyllis Memorial Children’s Home and Academy in Kenya. Our pro- bono work also covers marketing elements, as well as communication material. Read more about our work here.

We were really glad to have the opportunity to meet some of the wonderful people behind the home and the home’s manager, aka the children’s “aunt”, Ruth. The visit gave us insight into the daily life of the children and how the home has grown from a simple shed made of sticks, stones and cow dung to a home that provides clean water from a 250 m deep well and has a self-sufficient farm that produces supplies for both the home and the local community. They have also installed biogas which has improved the kitchen facilities tremendously. By producing and selling surplus commodities, the children learn valuable skills that they will need when it is time to leave the home.

We are grateful to our guests for taking the time to visit us and for all their wonderful work. For more information about Kampi ya Motos Barn and how you can support Phyllis Memorial Children’s Home and Academy, visit

Sony Xperia auf dem Mobile World Congress 2018

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an unseren Kunden Sony Mobile für den positiven Empfang des neuen Sony Xperia XZ2 und Xperia XZ2 Compact auf dem diesjährigen Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Bei der weltweit führenden Veranstaltung für Handy-Hersteller wurde viel über die Designsprache gesprochen, die eine gewölbte Glasrückseite sowie Einbauten wie 4K-HDR-Filmaufzeichnung, 3D-Scanning, Snapdragon 845 und verbesserten Sound und Akku bietet.

Gut gemacht, Sony!


Bona – Firma des Jahres

Vor kurzen wurde unsere Kunde, Bona, von Malmö Näringslivsgala mit Årets företag (Firma des Jahres) ausgezeichnet. Die jährliche Preisverleihung feiert die besten Unternehmen und kreativen Talente der Stadt. Bona’s fantastischer Gewinn basiert auf dem Fokus des Familienunternehmens auf Innovation, Nachhaltigkeit und Umwelt, kombiniert mit der Förderung von Diversität und CSR. Glückwunsch an CEO Kerstin Lindell und ihre fantastischen Mitarbeiter, dass sie wirklich eine Super Company sind!

Next Stop for Adentity – Berlin

Adentity wird 15, das feiern wir mit einem weiteren spannenden Business-Schritt! Unser neuer kreativer Mittelpunkt liegt im Berliner Hansaviertel und damit im absoluten Herzen einer der aufregendsten Metropolen Europas.

Von unserer Zentrale im südschwedischen Malmö aus haben wir in diesen 15 Jahren Unternehmen aus aller Welt und den unterschiedlichsten Branchen zu einer Stärkung ihrer Marken verholfen. Im Rahmen unserer Strategie für das Adentity-Konzept haben wir kürzlich ein neues kreatives Zentrum in Berlin etabliert.

Es liegt im attraktiven Hansaviertel mit seiner geschichtsträchtigen Architektur. Von dort aus bringen wir die Adentity Communication PlatformTM – unseren bewährten 3-Stufen-Strategieplan für langfristigen Markenerfolg – auf den deutschen Markt. Diese Expansion bringt uns eine ganze Reihe von Vorteilen, aber nicht nur uns, sondern auch unseren Kunden. Mit seiner geografischen Lage im Herzen Europas ist diese Kulturmetropole ein einzigartiger Nährboden für innovative Tech-Startups und kreative Studios. Jetzt kann Adentity integrierte Kampagnen, Strategien und vieles mehr also auch multinationalen Firmen und Konzernen in Berlin anbieten.

Close Up 17 ist da!

Der Bona-Jahresbericht mit den Schwerpunkten Nachhaltigkeit, Design und wachsende Märkte ist jetzt erschienen und wird weltweit versendet. Das neue, in drei Sprachen erschienene Close Up fasst das Bona-Jahr mit seinen bahnbrechenden Produkteinführungen wie dem Bodenbehandlungsprogramm und eindrucksvollen Referenzen wie La Sagrada Família in Barcelona zusammen.

Der Jahresbericht präsentiert aktuelle Designs und die neuesten Trends bei Holzböden und aktuellen Bodenbelägen. Er informiert auch über neue Studien auf dem Gebiet und über die Maßnahmen, die Bona in letzter Zeit ergriffen hat und plant.

Von Schweden bis Sri Lanka – Sony Xperia XA POS erobert die Welt


Auf einer Reise nach Sri Lanka stießen wir in einem Geschäft in Colombo auf einen vertrauten Anblick – ein Sony Xperia XA Smartphone, präsentiert auf unserer hypermodernen POS-Display-Lösung. Das aktuelle Konzept wurde für die globale Einführung der Sony Xperia XTM Serie entwickelt. Mit seinen stylischen, in der Nachmittagssonne glitzernden Kupferfolienakzenten zieht es die Aufmerksamkeit der Passanten auf sich. Es machte uns Freude, ein weiteres erfolgreiches Konzept in Aktion zu erleben.

Lesen Sie die Story unseres einzigartigen Sony XperiaTM POS-Konzepts auf Packaging of the World



Bona ist „Super Company of the Year“



Wir freuen uns, dass unser Kunde Bona von Veckans Affärer, dem führenden Wirtschaftsmagazin Schwedens, zum Super-Unternehmen des Jahres 2016 gekürt wurde. Um es in die jährliche Liste zu schaffen, müssen die Unternehmen Wachstum, Rentabilität und Kapitalerträge für vier aufeinanderfolgende Jahre nachweisen. In allen diesen Bereichen legte Bona großartige Ergebnisse vor.

Wir arbeiten seit fast zehn Jahren mit der globalen Marketing- und Kommunikationsabteilung von Bona zusammen. Unsere bisherige Arbeit erstreckt sich von der Entwicklung einer ersten Kommunikationsplattform und der Umweltplattform „On track for sustainability“ (Auf dem Weg zu Nachhaltigkeit) über eine Reihe von Produkteinführungen auf dieser Grundlage bis hin zu Co-brandings und Relaunches. Mit einem langfristigen und nachhaltigen Ansatz für exzellente Holzboden ist Bona tatsächlich eine Super Company!




„Erhebung“ des Xperia Z5 Premium in Geschäften in Sri Lanka

Unser Besuch in Colombo, Sri Lanka war ein ungemein lohnend. Unser POS-Design für die weltweite Markteinführung des Xperia Z5 Premium im Sony-Flaggschiff-Store Horton zu sehen, war in der Tat „erhebend“. Wir konnten hautnah erleben, dass unser globales Marketing in der Tat alle Ecken der Welt erreicht. Selbst auf Packaging of the World ist es ein Thema.

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