Virtual Reality

With an increasing number of 360° videos appearing on our daily Facebook feeds, the introduction of Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, it seems that virtual reality is here to change the game of user experience.

Jumping directly into an immersive environment and experiencing how’s it like to be physically there? Yes. Wearing a chunky device on the face? Maybe not.

We believe that using virtual reality for brand marketing would take off only when there are little barriers of participation to the users i.e. no one needs to invest in any equipment. So it’s really up to the marketers to take the brave leap and make virtual reality, a reality.

This year, we have already seen some exciting developments in the scene.

Taking simulator rides to the next level, Six Flags Amusement Park brings virtual reality to the roller coaster.


Go on a virtual tour at Ocean Spray’s cranberry farm and see the most beautiful harvest in the world.

Even Marriot Hotels are jumping on the VR bandwagon and creating VR tours for their guests.


8 digital marketing trends to kickstart the spring

We’re ushering in this year’s spring with some of the latest trends in digital marketing. From richer content to targeted location ads, 2016 shows us that mobile is king. Mobile users are spoilt for choices, challenging brands to offer even more value-added services and communication that are relevant and useful. Let’s take a look at what’s been taking our digital world by storm.

1. Mobile only / Mobile first

With over a billion people using mobile as their only form of Internet access in 2015, mobile device usage has surpassed desktop use for the first time in history. Mobile users also share twice as often. The adage for 2016 is definitely “Go mobile or go unknown”.


2. Mobile videos

Video sharing, viewing, and even creating is now easier with bigger screens and more advanced apps. Nearly 40% of YouTube video views are via mobile. At this rate, TV commercials might just become a thing of the past.

Changing lanes without checking your blind spot? Volkswagen stops you in your swipe.

3. Location, location, location

Geo-location targeted ads used to be seen as intrusive. However, mobile users are not complaining when attractive perks are being offered.

Ever wondered where that plane is flying to? British Airways’ geo-location billboard tells you.

4. Content remains king

Longform blogs are making a comeback as mobile users now spend more time online during commutes, at home, or even during meals. Word-of-mouth marketing has now gone online through bloggers, celebrity tweets and social media.

5. Omnichannel

In other words, cross channel. Internet users are exposed to every form of media everyday, so why not target as many of them that are relevant to you as possible? Facebook and Twitter remain the powerhouses in social media, but Instagram and Snapchat are fast-growing channels to look out for.

Everyone’s has played tag. But what about Twitter Tag? Volkswagen Polo shows you how.

6. Native advertising

Ever seen the “sponsored content” link that appears on your Facebook feeds? These communication channels use shared data to give Internet users what they are interested in, thus concentrating advertising to only your target consumers.


7. Go niche to make audience feel special

Understand your customers, know their needs, and give them what they want. Digital data clearly points to ongoing trends and preferences. Using this to reach individual users in a personal way lets them know that you understand them better, and in turn, they’ll feel more connected with your brand.


Nike lets runners trade their Fuel points for exclusive products. Want a T-shirt? Run for it.

8. Digital goes print

Logging off can also be a way to standing out and avoiding the clutter. Instead of just a link your target audience shares on social media, your digital business can be turned into a guerilla billboard or a printed statement, alive even when WIFI isn’t.


Airbnb and cnet has gone IRL and printed their own magazine. Be present both on- and offline.

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