Xperia Z5 Premium is “Uplifted” in retail stores, Sri Lanka

Our visit to Colombo, Sri Lanka was an immensely rewarding one. Seeing our POS design for the global launch of the Xperia Z5 Premium on display in the Sony flagship store at Horton Place was indeed “Uplifting”. It goes to show that our global marketing is indeed reaching all corners of the world. Even Packaging of the World has featured it.

Virtual Reality

With an increasing number of 360° videos appearing on our daily Facebook feeds, the introduction of Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, it seems that virtual reality is here to change the game of user experience.

Jumping directly into an immersive environment and experiencing how’s it like to be physically there? Yes. Wearing a chunky device on the face? Maybe not.

We believe that using virtual reality for brand marketing would take off only when there are little barriers of participation to the users i.e. no one needs to invest in any equipment. So it’s really up to the marketers to take the brave leap and make virtual reality, a reality.

This year, we have already seen some exciting developments in the scene.

Taking simulator rides to the next level, Six Flags Amusement Park brings virtual reality to the roller coaster.


Go on a virtual tour at Ocean Spray’s cranberry farm and see the most beautiful harvest in the world.

Even Marriot Hotels are jumping on the VR bandwagon and creating VR tours for their guests.


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