We help international businesses strengthen their brands – from strategy, concept to integrated campaigns across channels.

The essence of building a brand

Adentity Communication Platform™ is a proven 3 step roadmap to secure long-term branding success.

Adentity identifies your key market segments, defines a brand strategy and builds a strong position based on your mission, core values and offer.

Adentity develops creative concepts that follow a defined strategy to create consistent value-based communication.

We implement concept-guided campaigns through the most effective channels to connect with your target groups.


Adentity has the following core competencies.

  • Project Management
  • Brand & Strategy Consulting
  • Concept Development
  • Art Direction & Graphical Design
  • Copywriting (Native English, Swedish)
  • Consumer & Trend Research
  • Interactive Design
  • Production Management
  • Digital and Social Media Specialist