Driving the future in heat transfer technologies
Alfa Laval is a leading innovator when it comes to heat transfer technologies. To clearly communicate this position, Adentity created the overall conceptual framework “Driving the Future in Heat Transfer Technologies” for Alfa Laval at Europe’s largest international industry fair – Chillventa in Nuremberg, Germany.

Our assignment includes developing artwork, films, interactive presentations, product displays, PR material and more. The event is greatly received and garners remarkably positive feedback – a clear confirmation of the industry’s acknowledgement of Alfa Laval’s natural leadership.

We produced an attention-grabbing animation loop that clearly presents the benefits of Alfa Laval’s solutions and brings home the main message.

We designed the highly interactive fair showcase based on the core concept, giving visitors a welcoming atmosphere and clear understanding of the brand.

Interactive app and other materials
To facilitate a better, more hands-on understanding of Alfa Laval’s solutions, we designed an iPad app, along with PR articles for industry publications, and other print materials.

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